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EMG is applying high standards
EMG is applying high standards and norms that are needed nowadays and setting a priority for the finishing issue of their products ...
GROUP has been established in 1991
The GROUP has been established in 1991 as it began its works in the field of contractions ...
The GROUP is interested in applying technology in all its works and products because the above application is very important nowadays The GROUP has been established in 1991 as it began its works in the field of contractions

Project GSM & Telecom

EMG started its work in syria since the beginning of the GSM phase and got experieneed by hiring experts trained under direct.
supervision of SIEMENS and ERICSSON telecom. We were installing all types of sites from Micros, Macros, Repeaters and Microwave links till present with a record of 800 sites end of 2008.
We are serving both telecom operator all around the globe.
Our scope of work includes the erection of roof top, micro cells and green field tower sites ranging from 15 to 70 meters. In addition. we supplied the GSM operator with around l 150 state-of-the-art shelters since 2005 in the Middle East area and Africa too. Then in 2006 we started handing the fully equipped shelters delivered to sites and launching them on air. Our reputation lead us to be the biggest supplier for all civil works material required for installation of telecom material after geeting first place in fulfilling the full turn key project for the GSM operatiors. Accordingly we became one of the major suppliers of shelters to MTN Sudan more than 450 branded shelters till 2008 and this is due to our good reputation and excellent quality.

EMG is also manufacturing the tubular towers from 10 to 30 ,eters in its factory and the whole range of  angular in its sister company ranging from 10 to 80 meters under the British Standards.
Nowadays our latest  invention is the Ground Rapid Deployment system GRD fixed and trailer type, fully equipped , plug and play style ranging from 20 to 35 meters telescopic tower manufactured according to British Standard BS 5950-2000 parts 1&2.

In brief, EMG, your number one partner in telecom services, is one of the leader companies offering TROUBLE FREE telecom services in Syria.

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